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Maddy Smith, an award winning singer-songwriter from Seattle, Washington, has burst onto the local scene with her unique sound and poetic songs. Tim Holeski, producer of Maddy's first EP "Hudson Bay" and 2017 release "No More Time to be Afraid" praises her ability “to capture a mood and to take the listener on a journey." A regular performer at venues around Seattle, Maddy weaves touches of country, jazz, and soft rock into her contemporary folk ballads to delight her audiences.

Released February 14, 2017
Guitar, vocals, and composition by Maddy Smith
Djembe and piano by Timothy Royle

Bass by David Trump
Cello by Logan Schmidt
Produced by Tim Holeski

Art by Olivia Leslie

Recorded at Bulbo Studio, Seattle Washington
Engineered and Mixed by Milton Sagahon

Mastered by Jesse Cannon

© 2017 Maddy Smith. All rights reserved.

The Story

For as long as I can remember, music and writing have helped me to navigate who I am. I was raised in Washington state on classical and folk music. Cello was my first instrument. I picked up guitar eight years ago and it was an instant love-connection.

When I left home for college in 2012, I was challenged by being distanced from people I love. It was then that I began to appreciate how powerful songwriting can be as a way to reflect on my experiences and share them with others. I stopped covering the songs of my heroes - like Brandi Carlile and Joni Mitchell - and began writing my own. And I couldn't stop. To date there are 150 songs and counting.

Today I aspire to communicate through my songs, that we have the capacity to face and feel our most difficult experiences with courage and resilience, and retain a sense of purpose, hope, and a willingness to embrace life when we might otherwise shrink away.

In the few years I have performed as a solo artist, I have been amazed at how open and willing to engage my audiences have been. From street busking and small coffee shops to larger stages such as The Royal Room and The Bluebird Café in Nashville, songwriting has proven to be the driving force in my life that shows no signs of slowing down. Opportunities to share those songs with others is a privilege.

In early 2018 I became close friends with singer / songwriter Sarah O'Dea. Together we formed a Seattle-based duo under both our songwriting called The Two Tides. Music, upcoming shows and more can be found here: www.TheTwoTides.com 

Thank you for listening. I hope to see you at my next show!

Much love,



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